Why do you train? For Inspiration.

Group Training

High intensity. high-end results. Bring out the hero inside!

Leverage a group effort and total-body metabolic workouts that will burn a ton of calories, and provide the “fun” factor! Get inspired by the Heroic Fitness community and to exceed your fitness goals and expectations.

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Group Training Programs

Both the Heroic Training Camp and Heroic Boxing programs cover strength, endurance, and conditioning. Benefit from the power, dynamics and flexibility of using one or both of these programs, in individual-focused classes with only 10 participants or less. This is our most complete group fitness experience, guaranteed to elevate your fitness to heroic levels!

Ask yourself: why do you train?

Group Training Packages

Heroic Tools

  • Inbody

    What are you made of?

    Find out what your made of with The InBody, the most advanced body composition analyzer.

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  • Myzone

    Leverage the power MyZone

    Our accurate monitoring system will encourage effort during physical activity.

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  • Eat Right, Feel Heroic!

    Our nutrition program is a completely customized program to meet your individual needs. After discussing with your trainer what your goals are, your nutrition program will be tailored to get you these results!

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  • Heroic App

    Fitness mobilized

    Stay Heroic on the go!

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Are you ready to live life heroic?

Complimentary session

Why group training?

For the motivation.

“Training these three SuperWomen each week makes for a high energy motivating session. The love and care they have for one another keeps them more accountable and more motivated because they don't want to let their training partner down.”
- Heroic Fitness

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