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The perfect combination of meditation and fitness.


Emily Trevail

Why do you yoga?

For Balance.

"I never tried yoga until Heroic Fitness. I always worked out for conditioning and performance. Yoga has forever changed my life and given me a different sense of balance."
( Lauren Polito, member for 3 years )

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring to yoga?
Comfortable clothing and a water bottle. Athletic shoes are not necessary. Classes are done barefoot. Yoga socks with grips are OK. Bring your own mat if you'd like; however, we have mats and other yoga tools on hand, such as blocks and towels.
Do I need to be flexible?
Yoga is all about work at your level and finding flexibility over. Towels can be used to elevate hard-to-reach poses.
Is the room heated?
We bring is a space heater.
What types of yoga do you offer?
Our Heroic Fitness yoga is a branch of Hatha. All yoga classes are 60 minutes. We work through a series of therapeutic postures, movements and breathing practices to release muscle tension and relieve stress.
I've never tried yoga. Is there a beginner class?
Yoga is a practice. Everyone in class, no matter how long they've been attending, is always learning something new. Our classes are basic and personal enough where you can pick up at any point and feel comfortable. Our staff is incredibly attentive and helpful!