Total-body metabolic workouts that will burn calories.


Why do you cycle?

For the Journey.

“The atmosphere and energy you feel walking in heroic is something words cant describe”
( Brani Mira, member for 1 year )

Jumpstart your Heroic journey today. Complimentary Class

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring to cycle class?
An open mind and a water bottle! Cycle shoes are recommended, but not required. Gym shoes can be worn. Tight fitting clothing is best to minimize friction on the bike.
What type of cycle shoes should I buy if I choose to do so?
We recommend the Shimano SPD indoor cycle shoe because this shoe is very solid, comfortable and durable. If you choose to buy a different type of shoe, please check that it is compatible with our Schwinn Evolution indoor cycle bikes.
Can I bring a seat cushion?
Sure! We want you to feel comfortable on the bike. Sometimes it takes a few classes to find your most comfortable setup. Your body will adapt!
What do all the numbers on my console mean?
RPM shows your revolutions per minute (how many times your wheels make a complete turn). Your cycle instructor will announce RPM ranges during class to guide your workout. Wattage numbers show how much power you are exerting with your exercise (i.e. faster peddling and increased resistance will create a higher wattage).
What if I don't want to stand up on the bike?
It's great to push your limits, but maybe not right away. Take the class at your comfort level. Our cycle instructors can offer alternate options for anyone working through an injury or discomfort.